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The lounge bar at the center of The Circle required a name and look that uniquely connected it to Zurich. 

Leading up to the opening of The Circle at the Zurich airport, the lounge bar at the Hyatt Regency needed to be branded, designed and given a suitable name.  Through positioning sessions, the name "Bar Iris" landed as the preferred choice.  


"Bar Iris" was derived by Eric Schumann, Managing Director of Iconica Ventures, referencing the circular and colorful nature of iris section of the eye. 

"I felt that being located at The Circle, which was an entirely new concept destination in Zurich, the name of the bar needed to reflect this in some way," explained Mr. Schumann.  "The iris is also the colorful part of the eye and we could incorporate the blue color taken from the flags so recognizable across Canton Zurich." 


Mr. Schumann saw the project through completion, working closely with the interior designers and F&B consultants to take the concept forward, creating a unique bar, authentically-Swiss menu and calming atmosphere for travelers departing, arriving or for people looking for a relaxing drink after work. 

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