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From an early age, our Managing Director, Eric Schumann dedicated hundreds of hours supporting local non-profit animal shelters in California.  In that same charitable spirit, Iconica Ventures is committed to donating 5% of all revenue to several globally-recognized charities and non-profit organizations.

As some of our first work came from the Toys & Games industry, we saw firsthand the impact that donations and charity work can have on children.  Therefore, we have selected several groups that specifically support the well-being of under-privileged or at-risk children around the world. 

All of these kids have the potential to be our next generation of leaders....but not all of them may have tools, resources or support to help them get there.  


We are happy to make the donation in the name of your organization.  And if you prefer that your proceeds support another globally-recognized that is not listed, please let us know!       

Playing in a Tunnel

"We have not inherited the world from our parents. 

We have borrowed it from our children" - Unknown

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United Nations World Food Programme

The world's largest humanitarian organization won the 2020 Nobel Prize for their efforts in feeding and supporting over 100 million children, women and men around the world.

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Save The Children

Founded in 1919, Save the Children was the first global movement for children, boldly declaring that children have rights.  In 2019, the organization supported over 144 million children in over 100 countries. 

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