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Iconica Ventures is proud to officially represent legendary reggae musician and producer Lee "Scratch" Perry. 
In the works are a series of brand collaborations, licensing agreements and a documentary.  


“What does genius look like? The clear eccentricity of Lee Scratch Perry surely evokes it. He is arguably the most important music producer and innovator Jamaica ever produced. 


Between 1969 and 1978, he released almost 600 singles and 50 albums.

It is not hyperbole to say that without Perry, there would not have been Bob Marley, hip hop, or electronic music as we know it today. By accident or intention, he changed the face of modern sound.”   – Kaleidescope Magazine

Between music production, painting, touring and creating a new sustainable community in Jamaica, the indefatigable Lee Perry is constantly on the move.  Known universally as The Upsetter, Lee's genius is being ahead of the trends.  He's worked with The Beastie Boys, The Clash, Supreme and Gucci among others...  


If you see an opportunity to collaborate with Lee, feel free to contact us directly  

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