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Between 2013-2016, GoPro faced a massive expansion across Europe, Middle East & Africa and we led the channel strategy, distribution management & retail execution to scale the business and grow revenue.

As most of us know, GoPro was a phenomenon a few years back.   Originally designed for outdoor athletes who wanted to capture their adventures, GoPro was initially launched in the speciality sports retail channels:  surf, snow, bike and skate.  However, due to the sharing nature of the camera, videos went viral and became free advertising for the brand, encouraging families, travelers and casual users to captures their memories.

GoPro's distributors, who were focused on small independent stores, were challenged to break into mass market, department stores and beyond.  Therefore, we were brought in to develop a mass-market strategy and bring the GoPro experience to everyone.  Retail displays with televisions were a company mandate so that GoPro could showcase their content and the camera's capabilities.  

But we took it a step further:

  • We created new content to highlight new use cases with pets and children, using different mounts for different angles as well as non-sports related content such as traveling, roller coasters, in automobiles and in special moments like weddings.

  • We designated specific content for specific markets depending on market research, demographics and purchase patterns.

  • We translated content for the first time into 5 different languages.

  • We created GoPro's first shop-in-shop in Hamburg and hired merchandisers and trainers to educate retail staff & consumers

  • We brought sport icons into the stores before the concept of influencers or brand ambassadors even existed to drive traffic and giv away product

  • We tracked in-store investments, revenues and sell-through data and digital surveys to provide a comprehensive ROI report to senior management.      

Convincing management to invest, we produced and distributed over 16,000 displays with clear product planograms for EMEA within 2 years, localized marketing campaigns in 5 countries with the end result of quadrupling sales (x4) and tripling brand awareness (x3) across EMEA.  

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