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So much of what we do is trying to convince consumers, guests and potential partners to connect with us.  But sometimes your team will need more than just a robust marketing plan and exceptional branding to ensure success. 


Knowing how to navigate the selling process, building win-win solutions and developing long-term relationships with your partners, clients and customers is a crucial skill set to develop and sharpen.    

We have partnered with our affiliate The Whetstone Group to provide training and workshop opportunities to our clients.

Launched in 1992, The Whetstone Group provides sales trainings, workshops and online courses for individuals, entrepreneurs and corporations all over the world.  Based upon their own proprietary methodology, Common Sense Selling ®, makes the entire sales pitch process much easier.  Plus, you and your entire team are on the same page, giving them a common selling language and makes it simple to diagnose problems when they occur.        

Sales Trainings and Workshops are available for locations all over the world. 


For more information, feel free to contact us or visit The Whetstone Group directly.   


Find the right sales training for yourself or your company



Have you ever tried to quit smoking, add exercise to your daily routine, change your eating habits?

High Performance

Sales Management


Helping sales managers understand their role & to focus on key areas of building a motivated and hard-charging sales force 

The famous training program that vastly improvedthe performance of sales people worldwide

Selling’s changed.  Have you made the transition?




Common Sense Selling

2-Day Boot Camp



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