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As Doha prepared to host the 2022 World Cup, the team at Waldorf Astoria Doha Lusail launched their beachside resort offering luxury experiences for their guests. 

In Q1 2022, Iconica Ventures was hired by Waldorf Astoria to provide the pre-opening executive team with the strategic vision and tactical steps for a successful launch.   Iconica Ventures developed a customized 3-day positioning workshop that focused on aligning the team, preparing competitive and market analyses, guest profiling, unique selling points (USPs), differentiation tactics, unique positioning strategies and distinctive guest experience activations.   The result of the workshop enabled the team to clearly define their identity and develop a strong competitive advantage in one of the most competitive hotel markets in the world.    

DAY 1:  Guided Tour of Key Compset Hotels in Doha & Analysis

DAY 2:  Competition Deep Dive, Market Analysis, Demand Driver Workshop, Brand Session, Property Overview & SWOT 

DAY 3:  Established USPs, Customer Profiling, Differentiation Through Unique Guest Experiences & Positioning Statement 

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