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Rebranding The Wellem Hotel 

Originally part of the Hyatt House extended-stay portfolio, we rebranded the property to give it a well-deserved luxury positioning based on art, culture and music.   

Although originally branded as an extended-stay property in the Hyatt portfolio, the upscale hotel in Düsseldorf didn't quite fit within the Hyatt House brand.  Already positioned as a premium hotel with restaurant and bar, it was decided between Hyatt and the franchise owners to rebrand the hotel into a luxury, independent destination.  

Working with both teams, we defined the USPs of original hotel to calibrate the direction of the rebranding.  Early on, it was clear that we could leverage the personality of Johann Wellem, Elector Palantine, who was born in Düsseldorf and through his marriage to Anna Maria Luisa de Medici became an influential patron of the arts in the region.  

The shared spaces and rooms have been outfitted with original art pieces.  The food & beverage offering includes Italian food as well as a classy cocktail bar offering live music.

Renaming & rebranding the hotel to The Wellem, Hyatt successfully introduced The Unbound Collection to Germany for the first time.  

Photos provided by Hyatt.

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