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We are passionate about brands.

Specializing in hospitality and retail, we help to uniquely position hotels, restaurants and  consumer products to build
powerful brand awareness and long term profitability.


Unlock impactful results on your revenue & awareness through:

+ Brand Strategy
+ Hotel Rebrandings & Positioning
+ Customer Journey 
+ Marketing Plans
+ Workshops & Training


Considering a product launch in a new country?  Opening a new hotel brand?  

We can provide feet on the ground and help you understand how to succeed.  

We will work with your team to build a unique and sustainable strategy.  


Grow your brand through partnerships and collaborations. 


We've worked wonders making connections around the world.

Just ask us to make an introduction and we'll take care of the rest.



Customized sales strategies & tactics for corporations and individuals.

Based upon the proven Common Sense Selling™ approach, we offer workshops and 1-1 mentoring.

When you take your first steps on a new path,

it helps to have a guide you can trust.  



A Pioneering Attitude with a Common-Sense Approach  

Always with an open mind and attention to detail, we've worked within very diverse categories:

  • Luxury Hotels & Restaurants

  • Action Sports

  • Sports Apparel

  • Consumer Electronics

  • Open Source Software

  • Toys & Games

  • Music & Art

These unique experiences and learnings often provide fresh, out-of-the-box and adaptable solutions for our clients.  Plus, our network around the world is vast.  

And tied together with a common-sense approach that works for you and your customers, we always ensure impactful results.      



Screen Shot 2020-12-07 at 11.56.30

The Satellite View

Sometimes it takes an outsider perspective with a wide lens to see your challenges and opportunities.  Or maybe you need a guide to lead you through an uncertain path ahead.  

Using our Satellite View methodology, we're going to ask a lot of probing questions upon our first briefing.  Once we understand your landscape and objectives, we will create a laser-focused and detailed plan to get you there.  


Screen Shot 2020-12-07 at 11.48.01

Our Commitment to our Next Generation through Philanthropy 

Our earliest projects were within the toys and games industry where we were constantly enriched and motivated by the smiles on children's faces.   

Unfortunately, not all kids start their lives with the same opportunities as others. 

We are therefore dedicating 5% of all revenue to several non-profit organizations around the world to help support the safety, well-being and future opportunities of our next generation.   

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